How to Prepare for a Kitchen Renovation

So, you have your big kitchen renovation planned, you’ve found the perfect remodeling contractor, and the start date is coming up. Now what?

Many people going through a professional kitchen renovation seem to get stuck on how they should prepare for the process. Being unprepared for a kitchen renovation can lead to stress and frustration, two things that you definitely don’t need during this exciting time.

At Shepherd Renovations, we believe that our clients deserve to be comfortable and at ease while we complete their renovation. Here are four ways you can prepare your family for a smooth transition into their new kitchen.

Plan Out Which Appliances Are Necessary

Before your renovation starts, you’re going to have to clear out your kitchen. This means packing away utensils, knick-knacks, cooking appliances, and even food.

Packing away your kitchen in a few haphazard boxes is going to make finding what you need when you need it very difficult. Set aside a specific box for appliances and utensils you know you’ll need to use while your kitchen is out of commission.

Keep these essentials close, and pack the rest away until we’ve completed your remodel.

If Possible, Set Up a Temporary Kitchen

Eating out all of the time during a lengthy kitchen remodel may be fun, but it’s not the most financially sound resolution to family meals.

If you have an outdoor kitchen or a large table that you can use as a makeshift countertop, use these areas as your temporary kitchen. You may not be able to make a four-course gourmet dinner in this area, but you can at least get the basics down.

Pack Your Foods Accordingly

Your refrigerator is likely going to be the last thing to go during your remodel. Therefore, you won’t have to do much prep work there. All frozen and refrigerated foods can stay where they belong.

However, packing up your dried goods and canned items is going to be necessary if you are gutting out your cabinets.

Store these items in tightly sealed containers and keep them in dry areas of the house. Spare bedrooms and living rooms are great areas for storage.

Like your appliances, you’ll want to keep the dried foods and snacks you know your family will eat during the process nearby and ready to grab when you need them.

Give Yourself a Break from the Remodeling Process

A kitchen renovation can be a stressor on your family’s daily routine. So, if you are able to, it may be a good idea to plan your renovation around a vacation period.

This could allow your family to get away with the bulk of your renovation. Not only does this alleviate some of the stress of the work being done on your home, but it also gives your contractors more comfort in the space they have to work in.

Schedule Your Successful Kitchen Remodel With Shepherd Renovations

If you know that it’s time for a kitchen renovation, let the contracting experts of Shepherd Renovations help. We have experience remodeling kitchens from top to bottom and can bring your dream kitchen into reality.

Contact us today to learn more about our remodeling services or to schedule an on-site consultation with one of our contractors.