Top Home Renovation Projects You Should Tackle Before Selling

Painting a wall yellow

When selling your home, you want to ensure you gain as much profit as possible once the deal is done. One of the best ways to guarantee to add value to your home before a sale is through home renovations. Whether external or internal renovations, you and a contractor can take on several projects that […]

Tips for Selecting Your Home Renovation’s Aesthetic

Interior Design Aesthetics

You spend more time inside your home than anywhere else, so why wouldn’t you want it to reflect your personal taste and style? Your home defines your lifestyle, and you want to showcase your unique personality through your home. This is where aesthetics come into play. Aesthetics add a layer of personal taste and liveability […]

Signs Your House Needs New Windows

Window Renovation

Replace Old Windows When most people think of home renovations, big projects come to mind like roof replacement or bathroom remodel. While these are projects that Shepherd Renovations can tackle, many smaller home renovation projects are equally important and often go overlooked until it’s too late.  One of the biggest offenders are old windows.  Failing […]

Top 6 Ways for Financing Your Home Renovation

Financing a Home or Kitchen Remodel Project in Dallas

If you are a Metroplex homeowner thinking about Dallas home renovations, you may be wondering how you can finance the remodeling project of your dreams. You may be surprised at how easy you can find or obtain money to complete major remodeling projects in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. While most people can finance small projects […]

Why Should You Schedule Your Interior Renovation During the Summer?

Why Should You Schedule Your Renovation During the Summer

Summer in Texas may not be an ideal season to plan extensive exterior renovations. But it’s the perfect time of the year to schedule interior renovations with a Dallas contractor. At Shepherd Renovations, we love to beautify and upgrade Dallas homes no matter the time of year. Here are some of the biggest reasons you […]

How to Save Money on Your Home Renovation

How to Save Money on Your Home Renovation

The thought of a home renovation may cause your wallet to start sweating. However, while working with home renovation contractors is an investment, they don’t always have to break the budget. Knowing where to save can help ensure your home renovation leaves you satisfied with the result while still financially sound. Here are 5 handy […]

6 Home Renovation Costs That Are Easy to Overlook

Home Exterior Renovation Costs

Home renovations are a financial investment that most homeowners prepare for by adding up all of the potential costs associated with hiring a renovation contractor and purchasing materials and new appliances. These costs do take up the bulk of the total renovation costs, but there are several other costs that homeowners forget about in the […]

4 Exterior Home Renovations to Accomplish Before Summer

4 Exterior Home Renovations for Summer

Spring is in full swing and aside from some stormy showers on an off day, most of the weather in Texas is sunny, comfortable, and prime for exterior renovations. Getting your home prepped for a summer of fun in Dallas is easy with the help of a local contractor that can help you increase the […]

How Can Shepherd Renovations Help With Your Storm Damage Restoration?

Dallas Renovation Contractors Can Help With Your Storm Damage Repair, Restoration

Spring is now here and Texans are in the heart of a tumultuous storm season. While the contractors of Shepherd Renovations specialize in interior and exterior renovations, we have also experienced roofing contractors that can help repair and replace roof damage after a storm. If your home was recently affected by hail, heavy winds, or […]

Top DIY Renovation Projects to Never Attempt On Your Own

DIY Renovations You Shouldn't Attempt on Your Own

It can be tempting for any property owner to try and save a few dollars and perform important renovations themselves. However, as we’ve mentioned in the past DIY isn’t always the best option and can come with several complications that make the project exponentially more expensive than it would have been through a Dallas renovation […]