Overview of the Roof Replacement Process from Start to Finish

Shepherd Renovation Roof Replacement in progress

On average, installing a new roof takes around two days.  Homeowners are not surprised by this. The roof replacement process goes beyond installing some new shingles and dusting off collected leaves. A quality roof replacement takes time. Here’s what you can expect when you order the job from the professional roofing team of Shepherd Renovations. […]

How to Decide Between Roof Repair and Roof Replacement

Best Roofing Company in Dallas-Fort Worth

The roof on your house is one of the most important structures of your home. A great roof brings curb appeal, and more importantly, protects your abode from exterior elements that could cause damage and discomfort. After a storm or if you notice something is visually “off” about your roof, it’s easy to panic not […]

Best Time of Year to Replace a Roof?

Roof Replacement during Autumn

If you have been considering a residential roof replacement in Dallas, the fall is the perfect time of year for replacing roofs. At Shepherd Renovations, we specialize in repairing and replacing roofs in Dallas and neighboring cities.  If you know a roof replacement is looming in your future, here are the top 6 reasons why […]

6 Home Renovation Costs That Are Easy to Overlook

Home Exterior Renovation Costs

Home renovations are a financial investment that most homeowners prepare for by adding up all of the potential costs associated with hiring a renovation contractor and purchasing materials and new appliances. These costs do take up the bulk of the total renovation costs, but there are several other costs that homeowners forget about in the […]

4 Exterior Home Renovations to Accomplish Before Summer

4 Exterior Home Renovations for Summer

Spring is in full swing and aside from some stormy showers on an off day, most of the weather in Texas is sunny, comfortable, and prime for exterior renovations. Getting your home prepped for a summer of fun in Dallas is easy with the help of a local contractor that can help you increase the […]

Hidden Signs You Need Roof Leak Detection Services

How to Know When You Need Roof Leak Detection in Dallas-Fort Worth

Leak detection services through a licensed roofing contractor are essential when a homeowner believes their roof may have a leak. Discovering a leak and its exact location is critical because, over time, even the smallest leak can lead to irreparable damage and a costly premature roof replacement. However, knowing the signs of when your roof […]

4 Common Roof Threats to Be Wary of This Winter

Annual Winter Roof Inspection in Dallas-Fort Worth

As we’ve witnessed time and again in Texas, winter weather is nothing to take lightly. Although winter storms may not be the norm for North Texas communities when they hit, they hit hard and can leave a wake of destruction in their aftermath.

Top Risks You Take With a DIY Interior Renovation

When DIY Renovation Goes Wrong In Dallas Texas

Many homeowners believe that they can improve their home’s property value with an interior renovation project. Unfortunately, most of these people also want to save money in the process and try to complete a kitchen or bathroom renovation through DIY methods that can lead to a multitude of problems.