How to Save Money on Your Home Renovation

The thought of a home renovation may cause your wallet to start sweating. However, while working with home renovation contractors is an investment, they don’t always have to break the budget.

Knowing where to save can help ensure your home renovation leaves you satisfied with the result while still financially sound.

Here are 5 handy tips for saving money on your next interior or exterior renovation.

Seek Efficiency Over Expansion

Unless you need to expand the space in a room, it can be more cost-effective to get creative and find efficient ways to use your living space. Upgrading current items like cabinets with dividers and pull-out drawers can give you the space you need without the cost of demolition and new wall construction.

This isn’t always an option for a renovation, but it is one of the best ways to save money while thinking outside the box.

Create a Budget Before Taking Any Action

It’s tempting to buy those supplies you’ve ogled over that will complete your vision. Before you do, consider the costs of impulse buying. Purchasing materials and signing contracts before having a budget in place can leave you swimming in debt after your remodel.

Before making any moves, create a budget and determine how much you can spend on your project “right now,” and take the renovation. If you realize that you’ll need to take out loans you’ll have trouble repaying, the beauty of most renovation projects is that they can wait.

Our best tip for saving money is waiting until you can pay in cash wherever possible. This leaves you with zero debt and 100 percent satisfaction upon project completion.

Always Work With a Contractor

Performing the project yourself sounds like a money-saver, but unless you have prior construction experience, it could vastly increase the cost of your renovation.

Ask About Recycled Materials

For insurance and security reasons, most contractors won’t use the recycled materials you provide. Yet, you could still save money from leftover materials they may possess.

A reliable contractor always recommends quality materials, and not all of them get used during renovations. If your contractor has leftover materials, they’re willing to sell you, this could save you money and expose you to new materials and designs you otherwise would have never discovered.

Schedule Your Renovation at the Right Time

Scheduling your renovation during reasonable seasons can also save you money. Texas gets hot, and many contractors charge higher rates for late spring and summer jobs. Premium time like summer and winter holidays leaves contractors short on resources and energy.

Scheduling your renovation around these hectic times can help you get the help you need at a price that meets your budget.

Start Saving On Your Next Renovation Today, With Shepherd Renovations

Saving money and having a beautiful final product should be the priority of your renovation. At Shepherd Renovations, we put customer service first and pride ourselves on the fair rates and quality of work we bring to each job.

Whether you need an interior remodeled or full exterior renovation, our team of contractors will help you from planning to completion.

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