Drywall and Ceiling Repair

Although they are home features that owners often take for granted, a building’s walls and ceiling are two of the most important qualities of a home to perfect during a home renovation.

The walls and ceiling of a property protect the inside from the natural elements and help regulate the temperature and comfort of a home or business. Without excellent walls and ceilings, property owners face unnecessary financial and physical risks.

Put your tenant’s best interests first and work with a team that knows walls and ceilings from the inside out. At Shepherd Renovations, our bread and butter are building sturdy walls that hold up gorgeous renovations for years.

Trust us to bring the best of home renovation services to each job we take on.

Our Services

Drywall Repair in Dallas

Working with drywall is a specialized construction service that should only be done by a qualified professional. Shepherd Renovations has decades of experience working with drywall and is prepared to offer our expertise to your project.


Drywall Repair

The walls of a property can easily take a beating from even the most careful property owners. From doorknob dents, cracked walls, to damage from children, drywall repairs are very common services. Our Dallas wall specialists can install, repair, and replace any size wall your renovation requires.

Our Dallas wall specialists can install, repair, and replace any size wall your renovation requires.


Framing Services

The frame of your renovation is where its actual form starts to take shape. The frame is the outline that supports your drywall, doors, and windows.

Quality is the core of Shepherd Renovations’ values. We guarantee that every wall we install for your project will have the craftsmanship it needs to hold up and preserve your renovation for years to come.

Ceiling Repair Services

Although your ceiling is in place to store all of the mechanical and electrical components of a property, it’s still an element of a home or business that requires a sense of beauty.

The ceiling services from Shepherd Renovation bring beauty and personality to an often ignored portion of a property.

Some of the ceiling services that our experts provide to a renovation include:

● Ceiling crack repairs 
● Ceiling painting
● Attic ceiling installation
● General ceiling installation
● Ceiling damage/hole repair
● Texture installation and removal

Water and Fire Damage Repair

Sometimes pipes burst within a wall or a fire breaks out in a portion of the home. When this happens, it’s essential that a property owner replaces or repairs the section of the home. Not only are damaged walls an obvious weakness in a building’s structure, but they also lead to dangerous health issues:

● Mold and mildew growth
● Lingering smoke particles that could be inhaled into the lungs

Shepherd Renovations will help get your property back in order and compliance through our efficient and thorough water and fire damage repairs on your structure’s walls and ceilings.

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