Dallas and Fort Worth Storm Damage Restoration

Texas is known for its unexpected weather. Sometimes a tornado, hail storm, or heavy rain leads to damage that starts a domino effect of expenses unless immediate action is taken.

At Shepherd Renovations, we understand the stress that storm damage causes and have the expertise to help you rest at ease and let our team of professionals restore your home after a devastating storm.

Wind and Hail Storm Damage Repairs

A strong Texas storm can easily rip through and damage the exterior of your home. This type of storm damage can be extensive and especially serious if left without repairs.

While the damage that leaves a roof full of holes is in need of obvious repair, other damage could seem minuscule but actually lead to leaks that bring in moisture and riddle a home with mold, mildew, and structural decay.

Storm damage is serious business, and homeowners should always take immediate action after a heavy storm even potentially damages their home.

Our Services

Shepherd Renovations is dedicated to not just repairing storm damage, but leaving the home in better shape than it was before the storm hit. Our services make us your one-stop-shop for home repairs and guaranteed satisfaction after the frustrations of a powerful storm.

Tarp Roofing & Instant Protection

When a storm hits and causes damage, instant action is necessary. Our contractor team is always on-call to help our customers. 

Even before our actual help starts, we are prepared to get to business. Trust our team to provide protection that prevents further damage to your home. From tarp coverage to rough roof repairs, we stop the damage from harming your home while we help construct an effective recovery solution for your property.

Thorough Roof Inspection

As we’ve mentioned, even the smallest roof leak can lead to expensive and irreversible structural damage to a building. Some storm damage is invisible to the naked eye, and that’s why we use our advanced drone technology to ensure that every inch of your home’s exterior is scaled. 

This guarantees that no storm damage is missed and that your home’s repairs will adequately protect your home from dangerous moisture.

Roof and Home Reconstruction

Our reconstruction services offer coverage that keeps the entire exterior of your home protected. Aside from general roof repairs and replacements, Shepherd Renovations’ storm reconstruction includes the following projects: 

● Garage door repairs
● Gutter repair/installation
● Window replacement
● Siding repair and replacement
● Fence repair, and more!

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If your home has suffered substantial damage due to a storm, don’t let the damage fester and become the ruin of your home. Reach out to Shepherd Renovations for quick and effective storm damage restoration.

Prolong Your Roof’s Integrity with Shepherd Renovations

We will use our team and advanced drone technology to inspect the damage and give you an honest, affordable restoration estimate. We are Dallas and Fort Worth’s most trusted home renovation team and are eager for you to find out why. 

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